First Aid Post

The success of ASR’s first aid camps prompted the Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple) management to suggest holding regular first aid posts. The weekends see hundreds of thousands of visitors from all around India, with no night-time (even during the week) and few Sunday medical facilities in the immediate area.

The post is currently held on Friday night, and then Saturday night to Monday morning non-stop.

In June 2010, ASR’s first aid posts started every Saturday night, and the night before each new moon, with further extensions in March 2011, August 2012, and April 2013.

Over 1000 people can be seen over a weekend, with a variety of complaints, from minor wounds and colds to serious injuries and life-threatening medical conditions.

The post’s ambulance enables transfer of patients to hospital,  also providing a private area for examination, treatment and use of ASR’s ECG machine, nebuliser and oxygen.

See the pictures below to get a flavour of what the posts are like.