The Central Khalsa Orphanage (Central Khalsa Yatimkhana in Punjabi) is a charitable institution administered by the Chief Khalsa Diwan, Amritsar, that takes in and looks after boys who are orphaned or whose families cannot look after them. The boys are educated up to the ‘10+2’ or ‘A level’ stage, as well as receiving training in Indian classical music.

ASR aims to improve education for the boys at the Orphanage. Experienced teachers have been employed by ASR to teach the boys in the Orphanage’s secondary school on a daily basis. More recently, ASR has funded the Orphanage’s school computer lab, including 15 new high-spec computers, and a fully equipped library.

ASR also aims to fund any capable boys through higher education, in the hope that they will be encouraged to stay in education and compete for professional jobs, which may have been an unlikely prospect otherwise.

One boy’s law degree was sponsored by ASR.  He completed his three year Bachelor of Laws (L.L.B.) degree at Guru Nanak Dev University in 2012. His University fees were provided by ASR, and he also received money for buying course books.